Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In which, I am a horrible blogger.

My last post here was in August of 2010. That was a long time ago.

Since then, Howie has gone on to earning a couple legs to his first C-WAGS rally title, the first two legs of his AKC Rally Novice title, and the first leg to... some other title. And then he became a couch holder-downer. Howie loves training and learning things, but when it comes to competing, he'd rather cheer from the sidelines.

Also, since then, we added a new member to the family (actually, two new members, but that's another story!). His name is Jax, and as of last month, he's been a member of our family for a year now. And, in that year, he and I have earned his UKC weight pull title and his first UKC rally title, and also his show champion title. This past weekend, with a little help from our friends, he finished his grand champion title. He's also finished 30/100 points to his weight pull champion title. So, he is officially:

UWP URO1 Intl/Natl CH UKC GRCH'PR'Cross's Home Run Hitter

He is a great little dog, from a wonderful line of wonderful and accomplished dogs. And now, he and I are on our way to accomplishing the Super Dog title together. To do this, we need to earn a show champion title (check!), a weight pull title (check!), a rally title (check!), an agility title, and his United Companion Dog title. I suppose this blog will turn its focus to our adventures down this road together.

And I will do my best to keeping up with the blog!